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Automatic Plum Core Pitter

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Stainless steel stoner dates stoner cherry plum pitter machine
Automatic Plum Core Pitter

Automatic Plum Core Pitter

(1) The automatic plum pitting machine uses a high degree of automation, and the mold conveyor belt automatically feeds and feeds the device to carry out the punching and nucleation. Only the fruit is poured into the feeding hopper to complete the nuclear meat separation effect, which can continue uninterrupted The work has completely solved the difficulties of low manual denuclearization efficiency, labor and time.
Automatic Plum Core Pitter

(2) The structure of the denuclearizer is made of 304 stainless steel thick-walled square tube and channel steel, which makes the equipment more stable during startup and operation. All parts are bolted and assembled to make the equipment more convenient to operate and maintain. Fast.
Automatic Plum Core Pitter

(3) The raw materials of the equipment are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which fully meets the hygienic standards of food processing equipment. The conveyor belt is made of imported polyurethane materials, which is resistant to abrasion, tensile and tearing, and has a longer service life.
Automatic Plum Core Pitter

(4) The operation of the denuclearizer is simple and convenient. One person can manage multiple machines at the same time without long-term care. The drive system adopts advanced design concepts and standardized components. It meets the highest design standards and has high precision, so the effect of removing kernels can reach 100%, and the shape of the fruit is completely unchanged.
Automatic Plum Core Pitter
Overview:Automatic Plum Core Pitter
Automatic Plum Core Pitter
he storage hopper and the conveyor belt are directly combined, and a template is selected according to the shape and diameter of the fruit. The fruit is poured into the storage hopper to achieve the effect of feeding and conveying. After the fruit falls on the conveyor belt, it will automatically enter the template hole. The excess fruit is brushed into other holes through a brush to increase the feeding efficiency to more than 95%, which greatly improves the work efficiency. After the holes are positioned, the fruit continues to be transported and advanced. Use the process of the machine tool to punch the core, and the core will fall into the cored dustpan and automatically flow out and collect together. The fruit that has passed through the core will continue to be transported to the next link for automatic fruit dropping, so that the shape of the discharged fruit is completely unchanged, and the fruit will fall into the dustpan. Inside, it flows out and collects together to achieve the separation of fruit and kernel.
Automatic Plum Core Pitter

Technical information:
Model LF-QH500
Grade Capacity 37800pcs/H
Material SUS304
Nucleation rate 99.5%
Raw Material size Φ30-φ40
Voltage 220/380v, 50Hz
Power 1.5kw
Control system PLC Control panel
Weight 550kg
Contour dimension 2000*900*1230mm
1. Smooth, undamaged, non deformable incisions
2. Sizes can be used on a machine without changing any mold
3. Anti - shape die with a core removal rate of one hundred percent
4. Variable frequency speed control, simple control, output can be adjusted 600 - 1000kg/h
5. 2 petals, 3 petals and 6 petals could be cut after the nucleus removal
6. Apricot nuclear machine with a high degree of automation, mold automatic feeding conveyor belt device for transporting the stoning only need to be placed into the fruit, the template can complete the kernel. The separation effect, continuous work, completely solve the artificial nuclear low efficiency, time-consuming, difficult labor.
Our company have different fruit pitter machine to process different fruit:
Automatic Plum Core Pitter
Automatic Plum Core Pitter
Automatic Plum Core Pitter


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