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Best Price Best Quality Barbecue Charcoal Production Line

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1,suitable for charcoal powder, wood charcoal powder, coco nut shell charcoal powder, rice husk charcoal powder , charcoal dust, coal powder Material suitable size : <3mm
2,The shape and size of stick can be made as require, like round, hexagon, cinquefoil, and others. In the stick center, it can with hole or not.
3,For the length of final products, the auto cutter can do it.
Best Price Best Quality Barbecue Charcoal Production Line
Best Price Best Quality Barbecue Charcoal Production Line

what is the production line?
if your raw material is not charcoal or coal powder, you need these processes,
(1) the raw material is biomass material:
carbonize-------crush-------mix------charcoal or coal press

(2) the raw material is charcoal or coal
crush------mix------charcoal or coal press
please see the process pictures as follow:

Best Price Best Quality Barbecue Charcoal Production Line
*1 Coal rod machine use hardened reducer,small size,high load carrying capacity.
*2 Thick internal impeller blade design,impeller and liner using wear-resistant cylinder body made of cast materials, life expectancy increased 4-5 times than ordinary materials.
*3 Coal rod machine head can be replaced by a wear-resistant alloy steel,also easy to replace.
*4 head and cylinder use splicing forms so it can be opened when the overhaul,replacement of internal impeller and cylinder liner is very convenient.
Working Flow:
*1 Binder mixer: It is using for dissolving and thicking binder.
*2 Crusher and mixer: It is a machine with the function of crushing and mixing together, crushing the raw material below 5mm, and mixing them uniformly. The moisture need controlled between 25%-30%.
*3 Coal briquette machine: It presses coal powder, charcoal powder, or other powders.
*4 Dryer: We have vertical dryer, box dryer and mesh belt dryer. I will suggest suitable dryer according to your raw machine, shape and size.
Shape: Various stick shape or rod shape, such as rectangular, triangle, hexagonal, round with hole or without hole in the middle.
Feature: With our special binder, the product with high density, little smoke, easy fire, long burning, non-toxic, etc.
Final size: Diameter can be 15-60mm, and the length can be 10-60cm or more, and we can provide you the automatic cutting device.
1.Automatic charcoal briquette Carbonizing machine:
This machine is used to carbonize the nut shell into charcoal. It is equipped with hyperploid high temperature steam cooling system, and the process of cooling can be accelerated to speed up the period of the production.
Technical informatio:
Model WSIV-1
Gas flow model
Size 3.2M3 3 M3 5M3
Productivity(kg) 1500 1000 2000
Temperature(°C) 430°C 430°C 430°C
Motor power No. power 1.5kw 3.0 KW
Time consumption 8 hours 24hours
Best Price Best Quality Barbecue Charcoal Production Line

2. Coal and charcoal crusher and mixer combined machine:
This machine can crush coal and charcoal first,then mix the powder at the same time.High efficiency ,very useful.We have different model,you can choose according to your needs.
Technical information:
Model TB-450
Power 5.5kw
Output 3-4t/h
weight 0.7T
Final product diameter 2-3mm
Best Price Best Quality Barbecue Charcoal Production Line
3.Wheel mill
Best Price Best Quality Barbecue Charcoal Production Line

4.Application of coal chad charcoal briquette stick extruder machine:
This machine is an environmental-friendly equipment, making full use and pressing coal/charcoal powder and any agro-wastes(≤ 3mm) into coal/charcoal sticks burning without smoke. Shapes of final products can be round, square, hexagon, quincunx and so on. The diameter produced by this model is 30-40mm. You can decide about how long the sticks should be. Advantages of our machine: High efficiency, energy-saving, environmental protection, make full use of some materials, thus bring big economic efficiency!
Best Price Best Quality Barbecue Charcoal Production Line

Best Price Best Quality Barbecue Charcoal Production Line
Best Price Best Quality Barbecue Charcoal Production Line

What kind of materials can be used for this machine:
1. Coal/charcoal powder from coal ash, coal mud, coke powder, coking coal and other kind of coal and charcoal. If the size of these materials is too big, you need to crush them into less than 3mm. If your raw materials have big size, it is difficult to press and shape in the process of making sticks,
2. Any kind of agro-wastes: Such as rice husks, crop stalks, wheat brans, groundnut shells, paddy straw, coffee shells, palm shells, sunflower stalk, cotton stalks and so on! Of course, sawdust and any kind of wood chips can also be used! (to use these materials, they need to be carbonized with a carbonization stove firstly! )

Working principle and working process of this machine:
Working principle:
1. The motor transmits the power to transmission through the belt;
2. At the same time, the transmission output shaft transmits power to propeller through the floating coupling;
3. Then the thruster of propeller push forward coal powder through the forming die to produce high density coal/charcoal sticks!

Working process:
Choose your raw materials like coal/charcoal powder or any agro-wastes(need to be carbonized firstly)- Crush them into powder form(≤ 3mm)- Put them into the machine and press with certain molds- Get your ideal sticks

As for other models of our machine:
Please note: If you are not satisfied with our this model about its capacity, we also have another model WSMB-180 with large capacity for you to choose. If you need, please contact me.
Technical information:
Model Capacity Power Final products diameter Dimension Weight
WSMB-140 1000-2000kg/h(coal powder)
250-300kg\h (charcoal powder)

7.5-11kw 30-40mm 2060×1290×980 550kg
WSMB-180 2000-3000kg/h(coal powder)
500-600kg\h (charcoal powder)
18.5-22kw 30-60mm 2320×1000×890 900kg

Except coal and charcoal extruder machine,our company also have briquette press machine line,honeycomb briquette machine and so on,welcome to contact us and discuss more!
Best Price Best Quality Barbecue Charcoal Production Line
Best Price Best Quality Barbecue Charcoal Production Line
Best Price Best Quality Barbecue Charcoal Production Line

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