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Bone Crusher Machine

  • Electric

  • Thermal Processing

  • Automatic

  • Meat Grinder

  • 380V

  • Customized

Bone crusher can grind different of animal bone, such as pork, cow, chicken, fish bone etc.It is widely used for product the sausage, ham,meat ball, frozen food, salt essence, bone powder, powder soup, instant noodles, puffed snack,compound seasoning, repast food, pet food, high calcium food, pasta, health products, etc.Bone Crusher Machine

Introduction of stainless steel animal bone crusher:
Bone crusher is suit for dry&fresh cow big bones, pig bones, sheep bones, donkey bones, big bones and other animal bones and fish bones broken into bone pellet with alloy steel blades, it can broken the ox horn. Finished produce granularity fineness is around 5-100mm, the homogeneity is more than 90%. Bone Crusher Machine

Features of stainless steel animal bone crusher:
1.The bone Saw processing machinery, high efficiency, low energy consumption, safe and convenient operation, beautiful appearance significantly.
2.The machine can cooperate with belt, using automated feeding and discharging materials,
reduce labor intensity.
3.Lead blade, cutting angle cutting blades, improve efficiency, crushing grains, good quality
with long service life.12Bone Crusher Machine
  1. The knife is made of high quality alloy steel with special treatment, superior wear resistance.
Technical information:
Model Capacity (kg\h) Size of feeder (mm) Weight (kg) Motor (kw) Size
WSSG-150 20-60 150*200 130 2.2 450*720*900
WSSG-230 30-100 250*210 280 4 1000*700*1060
WSSG-300 80-200 300*210 340 5.5 1200*820*1160
WSSG-400 150-400 380*250 420 7.5 1080*820*1330
WSSG-500 200-600 500*250 600 11-15 1700*1350*1760
WSSG-600 300-900 600*320 800 22-30 1700*1480*1760
WSSG-700 500-1500 700*480 1500 37-45 2000*1600*2000
WSSG-800 800-2200 800*650 2000 55 1600*2100*2620
WSSG-1000 1000-4000 1000*800 4000 75 1800*2100*3115
The feature of cow bone paste grinding machine:
1. machine is made by stainless steel, process without pollution.
2. Simple operation, easy to clean.
3. Knife adjustable, can be changed according to customer's different needs. The production fitness can be up to 180-200μm.
4. strong power, good crushing effect and large capacity.
5. Suitable for meat and bone processing plant , slaughtering plant etc.
Bone Crusher Machine
-= Bone Crusher Machine
======= Bone Crusher Machine
= Bone Crusher Machine
Bone Crusher Machine
Bone Crusher Machine

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