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Chaff Cutter Straw Crusher Machine

  • Pellet Mill

  • Animal-Derived Feed

  • Crushing-before-Mixing

  • With Screen Mesh

  • Tooth Claw Mill

  • Screw Granulator

Crushed materials: herbage, rice straw, oat grass, alfalfa, corn straw, rape straw, wheat straw, weeds, etc.
Crushed grains: corn kernels (high moisture content), corn cobs, etc.
Crushed shape: round bale, square bale, loose herbage.
Crushed length: 30-200mm
Chaff Cutter Straw Crusher Machine

Features of animal feed chaff cutter processing silage cutting machine
1.Our chaff cutter has unique design and multifunction , suitable for cutting green and dry corn stalk , rice and wheat stalk .The processed mass can be used to feed cattle,goats, deer,and horses.It can also be used in paper-making and bio-mass electricity generating.
2.The chaff cutter has advanced feeding and transmitting structure which is controlled
by a button and easy to control .
3.The blade made of high-quality rolled steel is refined through special technical process,
it is especially wear-proof.The cutter uses high-strength bolts, and is safe and reliable.
4.Unique gear boxes allow more accurate adjustment of processed hay length. The box
is tightly sealed.
5. The chaff cutter can combine with electric motor, diesel motor and tractor which is more suitable for the region where lack of electric.
6. As the largest type with the highest productivity in the country, it is furnished with rubber
wheels, making such a giant machine easy to move about.

Technical information:
MODEL Output(T/H) Motor (kw) Cut size Machine Size
GMEC-X-1 1-1.5 3 11-54mm 1000*850*1150mm
GMEC-X-2.5 2-2.5 4 11-54mm 1230*1150*1695mm
GMEC-X-4 2.5-4 5.5 17-22mm 1737*1575*2315mm
GMEC-X-8 5-6.5 7.5 12-35mm 2147*1600*2756mm
GMEC-X-9 9-12 15 12-35mm 2620*2140*4110mm
GMEC-X-15 13-15 18.5 12-35mm 2630*2230*4120mm
Chaff Cutter Straw Crusher Machine

Packaging: Wooden case or carton package
Shipping: By ocean
Chaff Cutter Straw Crusher Machine
Chaff Cutter Straw Crusher Machine
Chaff Cutter Straw Crusher Machine
Chaff Cutter Straw Crusher Machine

If you a question to choose the model ,pls tell us your requirement on the chaff cutter .
1.Your capacity kg/h ?
2.Power required ,Motor, Diesel engine, PTO driven ?
3.Other requirement on the machine ?
4.Purchase Quantity set ?

Enable us check and give you an best offfer accordingly

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