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Charcoal Press Making Machine

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1.The flow chart of the honeycomb coal briquette machine:
Charcoal Press Making Machine

Apart from the wood charcoal honeycomb briquette machine, other related machine such as feeder, grinder, crusher, conveyor and dryer are also available in our factory, it means we can offer a whole product line. In addition, we can help you with the installation.
Raw material-----Crushing-----Mixing-----Feeding-----Briquetting----Final briquette
Charcoal Press Making Machine

2. The general introduction of the honeycomb coal briquette machine:
1)honeycomb machine is also called coal charcoal briquetting press, coal charcoal briquetting machine, coal charcoal moulding machine, or coal charcoal honeycomb briquette press.machine
2)The raw materials will by formed by the punching needles of the machine and the final products have high density and easy to burn, long lasting burning as well.
3)The machine consists of frame part, driving part, feeding part, press shaping part, and finished product delivery part.
3.1) Frame part: platen, engine base.
3.2). Driving part: motor, pulley, gear, transmission shaft. The gear is driven by the pulley connect with the motor by belts. The gear movement drives the transmission shaft. The transmission shaft drives the plate.
3.3). Feeder parts: rotation shaft, hopper, mixer etc.
3.4). Briquette press part: four slide bars, punch, punch seat, platen, mold sole, spring.
3.5). Delivery part: delivery rack, pulley, and belt conveyor.
Charcoal Press Making Machine
Charcoal Press Making Machine

3.The raw material of the honeycomb coal briquette machine

  1. Raw material: All kinds of coal powder,charcoal powder,biomass materials.
    It can be coal powder, charcoal powder, coke powder, carbon black powder, brown coal, many mineral powder, etc. It also can be biomass materials and agricultural materials like all kinds of straw, sawdust, wood, branches, shells, husks, biogases etc as raw materials to produce charcoal briquettes.
    2) Raw material diameter: Less than 3 mm.
    3) Raw material moisture: 8-12%.
    4)Add different binder according to your raw material and final briquettes requirements.(liquid and dry powder binder)
Charcoal Press Making Machine
Charcoal Press Making Machine
Charcoal Press Making Machine

Technical information:
Model Biggest Diameter of final product (mm) Productivity (PC/H) Motor Weight Size(m)
WSI-125 120mm 2900 7.5kw 0.8T 1*1.2*1.8m+3*0.3*0.5m
WSI-140 140mm 3000 11kw 0.95T 1*1.4*1.8m+3*0.3*0.5m
WSI-150 150mm 3000 15kw 1.6T 1.1*1.2*1.8m+3*0.3*0.5m
WSI-160 160mm 2500 15kw 1.8T 1.2*1.2*2m+3*0.3*0.5m
WSI-220 220mm 1600 18.5kw 2.2T 2.2*2.2*2.2m+3*0.3*0.5m
WSI-240 240mm 1200 22kw 3.2 2.4*1.6*2.2m+3*0.3*0.5m

5.The final briquettes from the honeycomb coal briquette machine :
(1) Shapes of final briquettes: There are different shapes, such as cylindrical,round, square, flower shapes
and fan-shaped, hexagonal shape,etc. Or we can custom moulds as your requirements.
(2) Honeycomb diameter: 120mm; 140mm; 160mm; 180mm; 220mm or custom-made diameter.
(3) Honeycomb height: 80±5.0mm;90±5.0mm
(4) Inside hole diameter is:14-16mm or 25mm.
(5) Hole number:16PCS ; 19PCS or required hole number.
(6) Binder formula: we have 6 kinds binder formula, we also can offer water-proof formula and instant ignite(combustion-improver) to our customers free of charge.
Our company also have other coal charcoal processing machine line:
Charcoal Press Making Machine
Charcoal Press Making Machine
Charcoal Press Making Machine
Charcoal Press Making Machine


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