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Cheap Price Pizza Dough Ball Making Machine

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Dough ball making forming machine
Cheap Price Pizza Dough Ball Making Machine

It is a new designed machine that is suitable for dividing and rounding dough into well-shaped dough balls with different sizes.
2.Types of moulds:
It can produce 30g-200g dough ball by changing the related moulds and forming plates.
That is to say, with only one machine, customers can get different sizes of finished products.
Cheap Price Pizza Dough Ball Making Machine

3.Scope of Application:
This machine is widely used in line of flour food processing, bread processing, pizza processing, cake processing, roti processing, etc.
Cheap Price Pizza Dough Ball Making Machine

4.Widely Commercial Application:
It is suitable for the restaurant, hotel, canteen, dining hall of school, factory, frozen food factory, authority unit, institution and military camp.
Cheap Price Pizza Dough Ball Making Machine

a.The machine body is made of food grade SUS304 stainless steel.
b.It is characterized by easy operation and installation, easy maintenance, low energy consumption, safety and healthy, high efficiency.
c.The famous brand electrical apparatus elements are used for the machine.
d.The voltage can be customized.
e.It can process both soft and hard dough.
f.The dough ball has good color, sleek surface, fragrant and sweet taste.
g.The cutter has been installed with the shield, which can ensure the safe operation.
6.Working Principle:
After the motor starts, the dough is put into the spout equably and carried to the flour outlet with the help of double-cosine curve while extruded.
Passing through adjustment outlet of flour, the dough is extruded equably and it jacks up hanger sheave.
The cutter rotates while moving downward, and cut the dough in shape of column evenly, and then the dough drops into the material inlet.
The dough is kneaded and rolled to form a round shape dough ball with smooth surface.
The size of dough ball can be controlled by adjusting the adjustable shelf to change the distance between hanger sheave and front panel.
Cheap Price Pizza Dough Ball Making Machine

This machine is able to make well-shaped dough for traditional pizza, cone pizza and steamed bun with accurate measurement.

8. Brief introduction of pizza dough ball making machine:
1. This machine is suitable for the moulding of finished dough(this dough mixed the
2. The dough by transmission, shearing, rolling method processed into steamed buns and spherical shape.
3.This kind of machine is ideal machine for school, government, private restaurant, factory etc
4. It is the import machine for making bread line,pizza,steamed bun,and so on.
5,It possesses the outstanding features including stainless steel body ,fine appearance,working stably with low noise,high efficiency and convenience of moving-around .
9.Technical information:
Model Capacity
Motor Bun size
LFMT-30 II 280 580×660×978 180 1.5kw 30-150g
LFMT-40 II 300 640×420×650 195 1.5KW 100-125
LFMT-50 II 350 1410×500×980 210 1.5kw 65-175g

Cheap Price Pizza Dough Ball Making Machine

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