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Cherry Pitting Machine


Application of Cherry Pitter Machine:

A cherry pitter machine is a specialized machine used for removing the pits from cherries. It is commonly used in the food industry for processing cherries into various products, such as cherry juice, cherry pie, cherry jam, etc.

Structure of Pitting Machine:

A typical cherry pitter machine is comprised of a hopper, a pit removal mechanism, a chute, and a collection bin or container. The hopper is where the cherries are loaded into the machine. The pit removal mechanism, which may be made up of rotating blades or cylinders, removes the pits from the cherries as they pass through the machine. The pitted cherries are then discharged through the chute into the collection bin or container.

Working Principle of Mechanical Olive Pitter:

A mechanical olive pitter, which uses a similar principle to that of a cherry pitter, operates by using a cutter blade to cut around the olive pit or stone, then pulling it out of the fruit. The pitted olives are then discharged through a chute while the pits are collected separately.

Technical Information of Cherry Pit Remover Machine:

The technical specifications of a cherry pit remover machine can vary depending on the model and manufacturer. However, some common parameters include the capacity, power, voltage, and dimensions of the machine. The capacity refers to the number of cherries that can be processed per hour, and the power and voltage determine the necessary electrical requirements for the machine. The dimensions are important to consider for determining the space requirements and transportability of the machine.


Motor power








Finished product completion rate




Production (theoretical production)




Processing specification(mm)


(13-16) mm mould

(16-20) mm mould

(20-25) mm mould

Machine only with one set mould, if need other mould, need buy



(length * width * height)





Size Requirement of Cherry:

The size and type of cherry that can be processed by a cherry pitter machine depend on the design of the machine. Some machines are designed to work with only small cherries, while others are capable of handling larger varieties. It is important to check the size specifications of the machine before purchasing to ensure it is suitable for the cherries you intend to process.

How to Operate Mechanical Cherry Pitter:

Operating a mechanical cherry pitter is typically a straightforward process. First, the cherries are loaded into the hopper of the machine. The machine is then switched on, and the cherries are fed through the pit removal mechanism. The pitted cherries are then discharged through the chute and collected in a container.

Quality of Zhengzhou Runxiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd:

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