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Farm Tractor Peanut Harvester Groundnut Digger

  • Portable Harvester

  • Peanut /Garlic

  • Diesel

  • Picking

  • Gear Drive

  • Hard Shaft

Farm tractor peanut harvester groundnut digger

Mainly used for peanut or garlic Underground root crops. With high harvest efficiency, low breakage rate,Automatically harvest with digging, convey, shake soil, laying at one time, match with walking tractor, efficiency is 0.2-0.3ha./h. digging depth is adjustable, easy to install.

Brief introduction:
A new generation of wild peanut harvester is designed with unique clamping chain, can make the harvesting process more efficient, more perfect. This machine has the following characteristics: complete and orderly operation process in the operation of finishing supporting seedling, mining, soil crushing, soil shaking and peanut laying drying tasks, and the loss rate is low, high efficiency, low cost of harvest. The single working efficiency is 2700-4000m2/h, the peanut harvest rush in the harvest time is short, low cost, wide application range, applicable to all kinds of soil, ground and ridge planting peanuts can be made.Farm Tractor Peanut Harvester Groundnut Digger

PHS-80 multi-purpose peanut harvester is mounted with the tractor of 17-55hp with back power and side power output shaft.The working principle of this digger is that the digging shovel digs up the soil and crops through the impetus of the tractor. And the digging shovel make crop and soil separate though vibration sieve, the soil first drip down from the clearance of vibration sieve, finally the crop crashed down on to the road from the back. The machines are all made of high-quality bearings, oil seals and the bearings are dust-proof and waterproof, ensuring the durability of the bearings in rainy weather and sediment. Extend the life of the machine and let you create more economic benefits.
Farm Tractor Peanut Harvester Groundnut Digger
Farm Tractor Peanut Harvester Groundnut Digger
Farm Tractor Peanut Harvester Groundnut Digger
Farm Tractor Peanut Harvester Groundnut Digger
Farm Tractor Peanut Harvester Groundnut Digger

Technical information:
Model PHS-80
1 Matched Power >6HP
2 Working Depth 100-180mm
3 Working Efficiency 0.13-0.2hm2/h
4 Overall Size 1300*850*750mm
5 Weight 80kg
6 Leakage rate ≤2%
7 Breakage Rate ≤2%

1.Transmission shaft: The drive shaft transfers the power of the tractor to the gearbox;
2.Clamping chain: The clamping chain sends the harvested peanut seedlings to the back of the machine, so that the peanut seedlings are orderly discharged;
3.Harvest shovel: A shovel is a device that can shovel the peanuts out of the ground.

1.What is the MOQ of this product?Can I purchase one set as a sample?
The MOQ of this machine is 1 set , we support our customers to buy one set as a sample.

2.If I buy a large amount at one time, can you give me a discount?
Absolutely, we can give you a favorable price according to the quantity you order.

3.How can I use this machine?
This machine is quite easy to use, we will send you the manual and there will be professional staffs guide you to operate this machine.

4.How can I buy this machine?
We will draft the assurance order for you,and you can pay this order by your credit card, visa, mastercard, e-checking, T/T.

5.Which kind of shippment do you support?
Sea transportation, air transportation and international express.

6.When will you deliver the machine?
We will deliver the machine in 5-7 workdays after you pay the balance payment.

7.Can I become your agent?
As long as your company through the ability review by my company, you can become the sales agent of our company.

If you have any questions, please come to our company, and you will be assured that we can make a partner who is worthy of your trusted.


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