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Good Reputation Continuous Carbonization Furnace for Sale

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Good Reputation Continuous Carbonization Furnace for Sale

The raw material of the Jute Stick Continuous Smokeless Charcoal Carbonization Stove Furnace :
Biomass agricultural Husk---Rice husk, Coconut shell, Peanut shell/ Groundnut shell, Sunflower seed husk/shell, Palm kernel shell, Walnut shell, Almond shell, Pistachio shell Plants straw, Crop residues, Soybean straw, Wheat straw, Cotton straw, Corn stalks, Sorghum stalk, Maize Cob/ Corncob, Sorghum husk/ shell/hull, Potato grass, Dead leaves etc...
Wood Scraps---Wood sawdust,Forest farm & furniture factory scraps, Wood shavings, Wood chips, Tree branch, Bamboo scraps, Sugarcane bagasse, Distillers grains, Coffee grounds, coco husk chips, Waste from beer breweries, Empty Fruit Bunch etc.
The most suitable size shoube less than 30mm
The most suitable moisture should be less than 10%Good Reputation Continuous Carbonization Furnace for Sale
Good Reputation Continuous Carbonization Furnace for Sale
Good Reputation Continuous Carbonization Furnace for Sale

Carbonizing Process:

First the biomass material is ignited in the gasifier.
The flue gas produced by burning after spraying, cooling, purification process, it produces the pure combustible gas (carbon monoxide, methane, ethane, etc.).
As the early stage of the carbonization of heat source, through early warming of the carbonizer, to feed the material when the heat reaches the special temperature.
The combustible gas that carbonation process of flue gas by spraying, cooling, purification process into burned secondary. According to this methods of circulation, sufficient to achieve a self-sufficient, then achieve the effect of energy saving.
The flue gas through purification, to reach the environment production and flue gas emissions free. Which is reached to the standards of waste gas emptying.
The temperature of carbonization reach a 600 ºC to 900 ºC in the process. According to the characteristics of material, the temperature can be adjusted according to the requirements.

Good Reputation Continuous Carbonization Furnace for Sale
Good Reputation Continuous Carbonization Furnace for Sale

Description of continuous carbonization machine:
1.The continuous carbonization furnace is mainly used for the carbonization of the relatively fluffy biomass material such as rice husk.
2.The equipment is still using the principle of gasification and carbonization, and adopts advanced smoke-free environmentally friendly carbonization process.
3.The whole equipment is composed of gasification system (gasifier, (Carbonized host, screw feeder, screw cutting machine, cooling machine, conveyor), control system (filter tower, oil and water separator, filter), carbonization system (Control cabinet), the entire carbonization process for the automated production, automated operation. And energy-saving environment-friendly continuous carbonization machine is different.
4.The fuel can be wood, charcoal,coal, natural gas or diesel,for wood 30-50kg/4-5 hours, if coal about 20-30kg/4-5 hours,natural gas and diesel can be used.we can provide the other four inner pots.Good Reputation Continuous Carbonization Furnace for Sale

It has two significant advantages: First, the host capacity, high carbonation rate, production capacity, per hour carbonized rice husk about 1 ton; Secondly, low cost, cost Low practicality, to meet the initial entrepreneurial investment benefits of small objective requirements. Carbonizing machine is the ideal equipment for dry distillation, low carbonization and high carbonization rate in the furnace under high temperature conditions such as wood chips, rice hulls, peanut shells, plant stalks, bark and other carbonaceous wood materials (volume below 15mm).Good Reputation Continuous Carbonization Furnace for Sale

Technical information:
Model Power (kw) Size(mm) Capacity (t/h) Heating system Host base Cooling discharging
Including main machine,conveyor machine,purification machine and discharge machine. Gasifier(mm) Liquefied gas Civil construction Protocol configuration (L * W * H)(m) Conveyor machine(6m) Cooling silo(mm)
LXT-1000 5.5 3 4
3 Ø1020*9200 0.5 Ø1500 12 By floor plan 9.2*1.45*1 2 sets Ø1200*2900

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