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High Quality Fully Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

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Automatic Potato chips making machine production line
High Quality Fully Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

Brief introduction of potato chips production line
Potato chips production line produced in Zhengzhou Runxiang Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. mainly uses fresh potatoes as raw materials. The capacity we can produce ranges from 50kg/hr to 1tph.
We have mature technology for this line. By changing the configuration of the machines, we can also produce apple chips, banana chips and French fries.
High Quality Fully Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

Flow chart of potato chips production line
Materials input----peeling----sorting---hoisting & Vibration---Slicing----washing----blanching-----air drying----frying---deoiling----seasoning-----sorting-----(packaging).
High Quality Fully Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

Machines used for potato chips production line
1) Hoister 2)peeler 3)material sorting conveyor 4)hoister& Vibrator 5)slicer 6)potato washing machine 7)blanching machine 8)air dryer 9)continuous fryer 10) deoiling conveyor 11) seasoning machine 12)sorting conveyor 13)Multi head packaging machine.

Technical parameter of machines for potato chips production line
No. Product name Model Power(kw) Size(mm) Note
1 hoister TSJ-2500*800 0.37 2500*900*1300
2 peeler QPJ-2500*840 2.2 2500*840*1300 Peeling efficiency:85%
3 Sorting conveyor SSJ-2500×600 0.37 2500×600×1000
4 Hoister+vibrator TSJ-800 0.37 3000×800×1350
5 slicer QTJ-800 0.75 820*510*870 Thickness: 2-20mm
6 Air bubble washer QPQXJ 7kw 3m length
7 Blanching machine PTJ-5000*800 0.75 5000*1400*1350
8 Air dryer LSJ-4000*800 0.75 4000*1200*1800
9 Continuous fryer BYL-5500*800 160 5500×2000×2000 Frying time:1.5-4 minutes
10 Deoiling conveyor SSJ-2500*800 0.37 2500×900×1000
11 Seasoning machine TBL-700 0.75 3000*850*1650
12 Sorting conveyor SSJ-3000×1200 0.37 3000*1200*900
13 Packaging machine optional

Detailed introduction of machines for Potato chips production line:
1. Hoister
1) Mesh belt uses304 SUS food grade stainless steel.
2) Supporting frame is 304 SUS 50*50mm square tubes.
3) 2mm of thickness stainless steel.
4) Motor is frequency conversion speed adjustment.
Automatically lift the potatoes. Labor-saving and durable is use.
High Quality Fully Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

2. Peeler
1)use SUS 304 food grade stainless steel.
2)Rollers are made from wearable, anti-acid corrosion and anti-alkali corrosion materials. Durable in use.
3)Rollers are designed in swinging shape, no dead angle in removing the peels.
4)The machine adopts high precision one-time laser symmetrical cutting, ensuring the symmetrical structure of machine body. Easy and convenient in maintenance with long lifespan.
5)Spiral push rod design. Automatic discharging and adjustable discharging time.
6)Top part has water spraying device. Pipeline is stainless steel. Thickness is 2mm stainless steel plate.
High Quality Fully Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

3.Sorting conveyor
1)This conveyor is used to sort out and conveyor the inappropriate potatoes. There are materials recycling port on the two sides of the conveyors. The bottom part of the recycling port has conveying structure.
2)Food grade PVC mesh belt. Durable in use and no damage to the potatoes. Mesh belt speed frequency is adjustable.
3)Supporting frame is 40*40mm square tubes. Side plate thickness is 2mm stainless steel 304.
High Quality Fully Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

4)Materials hoister+Vibrator
1)Mesh belt uses304 SUS food grade stainless steel.
2)Supporting frame is 304 SUS 50*50mm square tubes.
3)2mm of thickness stainless steel.
4)Motor is frequency conversion speed adjustment.
5)Discharging part has water washing port.
High Quality Fully Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

5.Potato slicer
1)sizes of the potato chips: 2MM,6MM,8MM,10MM,12MM,15MM.
2). Adopt SUS 304 food grade material.
3). Reasonable machine structure. Input port is specially designed to avoid being cut.
4). Easy to operate, convenient in cleaning, labor-saving and saving cost.
High Quality Fully Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

6. air bubble washing machine
The air bubble making machine is made of stainless steel. strong and durable in use. And there is no damage to the raw materials. The machine can save labor and water with stable and reliable performance. The washed materials is triple as clean as the normally manual cleaning. Using high pressure water current and air bubble occur device to strike the surface of the raw materials,the energy produced during rupture of the air bubble and materials contact will have striking and washing effect to the surface of the materials and then wash the materials into cleaning condition.
And the brushes installed in the machine can effectively clean the hair in the materials. High pressure water current makes materials into rolling state, getting rid of the pesticide residue. the floating materials can flow out from the overflow tank. the sediments are discharged from the outlet.
High Quality Fully Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

7.Blanching machine
1) This machine is suitable for the washing of the seafood, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and roots of the vegetables.
2) Inner body is 3mm stainless steel 304 plate. No leakage of water. Exterior body is 2mm stainless steel 304 plate.
3) Under the strike of the high pressure water bubbles, materials are tumbled in the water, which can effectively separate the mud, sand, debris and other materials. It has the features of great cleaning capacity,high washing efficiency,no damage to the materials, stable operation and saving water resources. At the end section of the air bubble cleaning, bringing materials to the next section through conveyor. In the conveying process, materials are sprayed and cleaned once time by high pressure water pump.
4) Pipelines are aligned horizontally. Water discharging ports are set at one side of the machine.
High Quality Fully Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

8.Air drying machine
5) Cooling the material by air. There are two sections of the mesh belt. Materials are got tumbled from first section to the second section, ensuring two parts of the materials can be dried.
6) Mesh belt is stainless steel spiral belt. Operation speed is manual controlled.
7) Centrifugal fan is 0.37kw. Side plate thickness is 2.5mm 304 stainless steel plate.
8) Stainless steel plate is installed under the mesh belt to ensure the floor is clean.

High Quality Fully Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

9.Frying line
9) The body of the fryer uses SS 304 material. Side plate uses 4mm stainless steel plate. Bottom part uses 5mm stainless steel plate.
10) Materials can fried are potato chips, French fries and snacks.
11) Discharging oil cover and mesh frame can be lifted separately, which is easier to be cleaned.
12) There are 4 pieces of temperature control point, which control the temperature of each section. Stainless steel electric heating pipes.
13) Precision temperature control system ensures the frying medium temperature is between ±2ºC.

10.Deoiling conveyor
1)Mesh belt control is frequency conversion speed control. Oil is removed from air drying. Side plate thickness is 2.5mm stainless steel material.
2)Bottom part of the conveyor has the oil receiving box to keep the floor clean.
3)High efficiency low noise axial flow fans are added to get rid of oil fast.
11.seasoning machine
1)The discharging part is stainless steel punched plate which can make the powder get leaked.
2)The single roller flavoring machine can spray powder automatically. High capacity, evenness in mixing materials, automatic discharging.
12.Sorting conveyor
1) The mesh belt is food grade SUS 304 stainless steel spiral mesh belt. Running speed is manually adjusted.
2) Supporting frame is 40*40mm stainless steel square tubes.
13. Multihead potato chips packaging machine with nitrogen filling
Packaging bags size range: (L)50-300mm (W)60-200mm
Power: 4kw

Imported PLC computerized control system. HMI touch-screen panel makes it easy to operation and read
Precise packaging film conveying system ensures the perfect packaging of the machine
Automatic alarm protection function realizes smallest loss
Equip with measuring system, which can realize all the packaging process: such as measuring, conveying, filling and date printing.
High Quality Fully Automatic Potato Chips Production Line


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