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Maize Sheller Machine



In agriculture, threshing is one of the most important processes that farmers need to carry out after harvesting their crops, especially for grains like wheat, rice, corn, etc. Threshing is the process of separating the grain or seed from the plant structure or husk. It is usually done manually, but with the advancement in technology, farmers can now se machines to thresh their crops. One of these machines is a multi crop thresher.

A multi crop thresher is a powerful machine that threshes different types of crops such as wheat, rice, sorghum, maize, millet, sunflower, and other grains. It is an essential tool for farmers who want to save time and energy when threshing their crops. In this article, we’ll discuss the technical information of corn thresher machine, how to operate corn thresher, how to get good quality of machine, how to choose the most suitable machine, and the guarantee of your thresher machine.

Description of a Multi crop Thresher:

A multi crop thresher is a machine designed for threshing different types of crops. It is made up of several components such as a feeding hopper, a threshing drum, a blower, a sieve, and a discharge chute. The feeding hopper is located at the top of the machine and is used for the loading of crops to be threshed. The threshing drum rotates at high speed and is equipped with a series of threshing spikes that rub against the crops and separate the seed or grain from the husk. The blower is used to separate the seed from the chaff by blowing air through the mixture. The sieve is used to separate the smaller grains and debris from the clean seeds, and the discharge chute is used for the output of the threshed crop.

What Grain It Can Use:

A multi crop thresher is a versatile machine that can be used to thresh different types of crops. The grains that can be threshed using the machine include:

1. Corn

2. Mung bean

3. Sorghum

4. Maize

5. Millet

6. soybean and so on

Working Principle of Multi crop Thresher:

The working principle of a multi crop thresher is based on the principle of impact and rubbing to separate the seed from the husk. The machine consists of a threshing drum that rotates at high speed. The drum is equipped with a series of horizontally arranged spikes that rub against the grains as they pass through the drum. As the spikes hit the grains at high speed, the husk or chaff is separated from the grain. The grains then fall through a sieve with small holes, which separates the smaller debris from the clean seeds. The blower in the machine is used to separate the seed from the majority of chaff and debris by blowing air through the mixture while discharging the clean seeds through the discharge chute.

Technical Information of Corn Thresher Machine:

Here are some of the technical specifications of the corn thresher machine:





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How to Operate Corn Thresher:

To operate a corn thresher, you need to follow these simple steps:

1. Place the machine in a stable position where it won't move during operation.

2. Connect the machine to the appropriate power source, either a 2.2 kW electric motor or a 5-8 hp diesel engine.

3. Turn on the machine and adjust the threshing drum speed according to the size and variety of corn being threshed.

4. Load the corn cobs through the feeding hopper, ensuring that they are well-dried and free from any foreign material.

5. The clean seeds would exit through the discharge chute, while the trash and small debris would go through the blower and exit through the waste chute.

6. After threshing, clean the machine thoroughly to remove any dust or debris that may have accumulated during the process.

How to Get Good Quality of Machine:

Getting a good quality corn thresher machine requires paying attention to a few factors. Here are some of them:

1. Do research: Before buying a thresher machine, do thorough research on the different types of machines available, their features, capabilities, and prices to help you make an informed decision.

2. Quality of materials: Choose a machine made of high-quality materials that are durable and resistant to wear and tear. The materials used should also resist rust and corrosion, especially if you live in an area where there is high humidity or saltwater in the air.

3. Brand Reputation: Buy from a reputable brand, which has a good reputation for producing long-lasting and efficient machines, that have been in the market for years.

4. Warranty: Consider purchasing a machine that comes with an extended warranty period as it will give you peace of mind and reduce the risk of losses in case of machine failure.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Machine:

Choosing the ideal corn thresher machine for your needs may require taking into consideration various factors. Here are some of them:

1. Production capacity: Determine the amount of corn you need to thresh per day and choose a machine with the appropriate capacity that can handle your volume efficiently.

2. Power source: Choose a machine that is compatible with the power source available in your area, either a 220V or 380V electric motor or a 5-8 hp diesel engine.

3. Maintenance requirements: Choose a machine that is easy to clean and maintain, with spare parts readily available in case of replacement or repair.

4. Price: Choose a machine that is within your budget without compromising on the quality and durability of the machine.

Guarantee of Your Thresher Machine:

As with any machinery purchase, it is essential to consider the warranty provided by the manufacturer of the machine. Most reliable manufacturers of agricultural machines provide warranties on their machines that range from six months to one year. Some factors that may affect the guarantee of your thresher machine include:

1. Misuse of the machine: If the machine is being used for a purpose other than what it was designed for, it may void the manufacturer's warranty.

2. Poor maintenance: Failure to perform regular maintenance on the machine can lead to damage or malfunction, which may void the warranty.

3. Repairs by unauthorized technicians: Attempting to repair the machine yourself or taking it to an unauthorized technician for repairs may void the warranty. It's essential to take your machine to an authorized service center or technician for any repair or maintenance work.


The multi crop thresher machine is an essential tool for farmers who want to save time and energy when threshing their grains. It is versatile and capable of threshing different types of crops, including corn, wheat, rice, and sorghum. As with any machinery purchase, it is essential to do thorough research before buying to ensure that you get a good quality machine that can meet your specific needs. It is essential to choose a machine that is easy to use, maintain, and clean, with spare parts readily available in case of repair or replacement. The manufacturer's warranty is also essential, and it is essential to understand what can void the warranty and how to take proper care of the machine to ensure that it lasts long.


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