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Peanut Sheller /Peanut Shelling Machine/Groundnut Thresher

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Peanut sheller /Peanut Shelling Machine/Groundnut Thresher
Application of peanut sheller:
The peanut that collect not only can be used as an auxiliary equipment for oil processing machinery, but also widely applied to peanut
food processing industry.Peanut Sheller /Peanut Shelling Machine/Groundnut Thresher

Advantages of peanut sheller:
1.this peanut peanut sheller machine can realize peanut shelling, air delivery and separation, and it is useful whatever for home use or industries.
2.High shelling rate,97% or more.
3.Well-designed hair dryer can blow out the peanut shell to outlet,which enable the final product to be clean.
4.Machine is easy to move due to four wheels
5.This groundnut shelling machine can be used in oil processing machinery and peanut food processing industry.
6.It is our new design peanut sheller machine and its capacity is 800kg/h.
7.Put the peanut into inlet,under the friction of rubber roller,and you can see clean peanut kernels
8.Almost all kernels can keep intact without any impurities that is the biggest advantages of this peanut sheller machine
9.Machine can match with motor,gasoline or diesel engine according to your requirement.Peanut Sheller /Peanut Shelling Machine/Groundnut Thresher
Peanut Sheller /Peanut Shelling Machine/Groundnut Thresher

Product introduction:
Applied range:
1, This machine can be used as the supporting equipment of edible oil processing machinery.
2, The machine has compact structure, light weight, low power consumption and high production efficiency.
3, The separation is clean, the peanut kernel destroys little.
4, Application range: Fruit and vegetable processing plant, freezing food factory, leisure food factory, Brewery equipment, Coffee shop equipment.
5, The main part of the machine: metal frame, fan, rotor, sifter, receiving hopper, vibration screen, belt and belt pulley etc.
Peanut Sheller /Peanut Shelling Machine/Groundnut Thresher
Peanut Sheller /Peanut Shelling Machine/Groundnut Thresher
Peanut Sheller /Peanut Shelling Machine/Groundnut Thresher
Peanut Sheller /Peanut Shelling Machine/Groundnut Thresher

Technical information:
Type WSTK-1500 WSTK-1000 WSTK-600 WSTK-400
Rotary drum length 90 65 45 30
Rotary drum rolling speed 220r/min 227r/min 270r/min 305r/min
Capacity 1500 kg/h 1000 kg/h 600 kg/h 400 kg/h
Motor 11kw 7.5kw 4kw 2.2kw
Air blower speed 1067-1300r/min 1064-1194r/min 987-1252r/min 1712-1561r/min
Screen frequency 575/min 574/min 596/min 508/min
Breakage <3% <3% <3% <3%
Clean rate >98% >98% >98% >98%
Noise <85 DB <85 DB <85 DB <85 DB
Size 2200*1575*2300mm 1945*1320*2200mm 1470*1020*1650mm 1291*652*1720mm
Weight 1020kg 760kg 340kg 190kg

Frequency Asked Questions by Worldwide clients:

Q1:How long will it take to get the machine?
A:Production time takes about 7-15 working days.please tell us your sea port,we will check the shipping time within 5 minutes.


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