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Potato Chips/Chips Drum Flavoring Machine

  • ISO9001

  • Electric

  • Thermal Processing

  • Automatic

  • Chips

  • Customized

Food seasoning machine used for mixing and flavoring kinds of puffed food, fried food,potato chips,potato slices,beans,nuts,crisp and so on.
Potato Chips/Chips Drum Flavoring Machine

The drum seasoning machine adopts motor, reducer and belt drive, so that the fried food is not broken, the automatic stirring, the mixing is uniform, the operation is convenient, the output is high, the stainless steel production, the rotation speed and the inclination of the drum can be adjusted, and the powder quantity is also adjusted. It can be controlled, seasoned, mixed, and stirred. Designed and manufactured according to the shape characteristics of fried foods. Available in disc and octagonal forms, it is ideal for frying foods and seasonings.
Potato Chips/Chips Drum Flavoring Machine

1. The structure is simple and practical. It is mainly used for the later seasoning of food, powder mixing or raw material wrap powder and blending.
2. The barrel is made of stainless steel, which avoids the raw material of the ball mixing bucket not turning and stirring. Uniform drawbacks.
3. The food material to be processed can be fully stirred evenly with the desired seasoning in a short period of time, and the processed switch barrel is tilted downward to pour the processed product out of the barrel.
4. Achieve automatic mixing, semi-automatic discharge, and easy to clean and disinfect without dead ends.
Potato Chips/Chips Drum Flavoring Machine

1. Before the start-up, you should do a detailed inspection to see if there is any looseness in the fastening parts. Check if the power cord is damaged. its
There is no foreign matter in the tank. Check if the voltage used meets the requirements.
2. Turn the machine on and put it on. After the machine is safely operated for one minute, stop the machine and put in the required seasoning ingredients.
3. After working for a period of time, close the machine according to the required seasoning materials and close the machine.
Push the lever on the back of the machine to pull the barrel forward and pour the material out.

Technical information:
Model Size(mm) Weight (kg) Power\voltage(kw/v)
RXTW-150 1250*1360*1450 210 0.75/380 150L/time
RXTW-350 2300*1650*1650 420 2.2/380 350L/time
RXTW-1000 3100*1800*1950 560 3/380 1000L/time
RXTW-1400 2400*2100*2300 700 2.2KW*
Potato Chips/Chips Drum Flavoring Machine
Potato Chips/Chips Drum Flavoring Machine
Potato Chips/Chips Drum Flavoring Machine

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