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Wooden Toothpicks Product Line BBQ Stick Making Machine

  • 2 Years

  • New

  • 4.55kw

  • 320kg

  • Wooden

  • Wooden Cases

Wooden toothpicks product line bbq stick making machine
Flow chat:
The total set of wood toothpick making machines includes
Wood lamination machine---Wood filament machine---wood filament set-size machine---Toothpick set-size machine---Toothpick polisher---Toothpick ordering machine---Toothpick sharpener---Multipurpose sharpener.
Totally 8 units of machines, used for making toothpicks from wood.
The production process of toothpick making machine for sale:
Raw material(wood) - shard - into silk - (poor color appropriate to bleaching, drying) length cut - polishing - remove the defect to sign - cutting cutting flower, remove the defect sign, packing, warehousing (factory)

Advantages of wooden toothpick production line:
This set of wood toothpick making machines need 4-6 workers to operate.
The size of the finished toothpicks can be with diameter 2.2 mm and the length 65mm, the minimun capacity is 500000 pcs/8 hours.
The capacity can be customized, if to replace the #7 machine with sharpening machine, the output can be 600000 pieces/ 8 hours.Increase the sharpener machine 4 units, the production can be 3 million/8hours.
Need to preprocess the wood into 140/105/70/30cm length,6cm width and 3.5cm thickness firstly.

Machine Application of toothpick making machine:
This production line could make bamboo and wooden toothpick (one pointed and two pointed toothpick), BBQ sticks(skewers), incense sticks, match sticks and so on.Different diameters,different length,almost all.
Material Information of toothpick making machine
Bamboo Or Wood
Δ!: Not too soft; not too many joints; no many burrs when
filament shaping

Good choice like above:moso bamboo,birch wood,beech wood,and so on
Δ!: You could send some samples to us for testingin advance.
⊃Final Product of toothpick making machine
Wooden Toothpicks Product Line BBQ Stick Making Machine

Wooden Toothpicks Product Line BBQ Stick Making Machine

Technical information about wood toothpick machine line:
Description Name Model Power(KW) Weight (KG) Size (mm)
1(wood) Wood material slicer WSDN-656 4.55 320 1050*680*1050
2(wood) Wood filament shaping machine WSDN-652 4.95 320 1050*680*1050
3(wood) Wood filament set-size machine WSDN-105 0.75 75 1500*700*900
4(wood) Toothpick set-size machine WSDN-114 2.75 240 900*700*950
5(wood ) Toothpick polishing machine WSDN-80 1.5 150 1050*1050*1200
6(wood) Toothpick sorting machine WSDN-113 0.55 65 1050*900*850
7(wood) Toothpick sharpening machine WSDN-268 1.65 260 950*650*1050
8(wood ) Multi-sharpen machine
WSDN-112 0.55 65 700*500*850
Total 8 sets of machines in 10 wooden cases 23.6kw 1495kg 6.14 cubic

Factory Running And Operation Requirement
Area: machine operation warehouse 200m2,
bamboo storage 200m2
bamboo filament sunshine drying 400m2(2 drying houses
could replace it,each house 30m2)
Person: 6-10 persons
Electric Power: 32-40kw

>>The main spare parts for three year,others for 1 year.
>>5% money will be as guarantee fund for quality.Paid once
finished all installation and working normally.

>>We could send the spare parts to you by courier.
>>We could make the guiding pictures and videos to you for
>>We could arrange technologists to help on site.

>>We could arrange to visit the most advanced local factory for
communication and learning.
>>We could make the design for your warehouse building for
>>We will share the advanced production technology for free.
Wooden Toothpicks Product Line BBQ Stick Making Machine
Wooden Toothpicks Product Line BBQ Stick Making Machine

How do you guarantee I can receive the goods that ordered
after make the payment?
Please rest assured that you will receive the goods in time, we
are a legally established company supervised by the
government, and is registered in customs of China and
China Chamber of International Commerce. What is
more important, honesty and trustworthiness is our basic
principle and our company life.
◊ How to make the payment?
Normally, when the order value is below USD10,000, we
accept the payment by T/T or Western Union or Cash, L/C will
be accepted when the order value is over USD10,000.
For T/T, the customer can choose 100% in advance or 30% in
advance, and pay the 70% balance before shipment.
Suitablity of motor?
As there are many volatage standards in different countries in
the world, so the original motor equipped on the machine
would not suitable to be used with the customer's
local power supply, when this situation happend, please send
us your exact information of the power supply available, then
we can modify the motor accordingly.


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